Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Dijana Dawson Counselling is committed to protecting your privacy.

Personal information

All personal data you give via the Contact page or elsewhere is held in a manner that protects its privacy and is used solely for contacting you. No personally identifiable information about you is ever sent, sold or shown to other organisations, companies or people. Neither is it retained longer than absolutely necessary as required by my insurance provider.


Websites often place very small text files on computers, tablets or phones in order to recognise their browser each time it visits. These tiny files are known as ‘cookies’. Recognising browsers helps anonymously measure how sites are used, which in turn shows how best to meet visitors’ needs. For instance, they show which pages people go to most often and whether they get error messages. Knowing this helps improve a site’s usefulness and efficiency. Cookies can also be used to store any preferences visitors set and to help provide security and efficiency in online forms.

Cookies cannot read devices or make any information they help collect available to any third party. They can be read only by the site that installs them. Although unique to each browser, cookies are anonymous: they hold no personally identifiable data.

If you wish, you can set your browser not to accept cookies. tells you more, including how to remove them, but then some of this site’s features will be unavailable.