What happens in therapy

“We are only as needy as our unmet needs”. John Bowlby

Most of us experience difficulties at some stage in our lives. This may include suffering from depression, anxiety, dealing with bereavement or other loss, relationship issues or addictive behaviour. It can also include unresolved issues from the past such as previously experienced trauma, or simply feeling stuck.

Considering to come to therapy for the first time can be an intimidating experience. You may worry that your issue is not big enough and therefore not worthy of the therapist’s time. You might think that the therapist might not be able to understand you and your concerns because that has been your experience when trying to talk to your friends and family. Or you may simply feel fearful of opening up and talking about your thoughts and feelings you have tried so hard to suppress for a long time. It is normal to feel apprehensive when entering unfamiliar territory, but the good news is you have taken the first step in looking for a therapist.

My role is to listen to you and gain a good understanding of your needs. I aim to provide the right conditions in which we can build a therapeutic relationship whereby you are able to share any thoughts or feelings without feeling judged. Feeling safe and having the time and the space dedicated to you can be of great help to enable you to work through your issues and instigate change. 

During our initial appointment, we will discuss your concerns and I will be asking you questions about why you have decided to seek therapy and what your expectations are from the process. We will begin to explore the history of the difficulties you are experiencing and this will also be an opportunity to decide how we can work together therapeutically in future sessions. It is important that you find a therapist you feel comfortable working with and you are under no obligation to return after the first session. You also need to consider if you are able to commit to regular attendance and engagement in the therapeutic process.

Following the initial assessment, sessions will last for 50 minutes, and will usually be at the same time and same day each week. I offer both short term and open-ended therapy, and we will discuss what is most suitable for you personally.