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Some questions you may have about counselling in general and my practice in particular

There is no minimum or maximum number of sessions you will have to attend and it is the client’s decision on how many sessions they would like to attend.

Initially, if you can afford it, it is advisable to come every week because the work needs to get started and is likely to be more effective if there is continuity. However, ultimately the client decides the frequency of the sessions they wish to attend. 

The current fee for each 50 minute session starts from £60. Further information is listed on the Contact and Fees page.

You can pay with bank card, cash, PayPal or bank transfer. Fees are payable in advance or at the end of the session. 

If you need to re-arrange or cancel a session there is normally no problem provided you let me know and give 48 hours notice.  If you just fail to turn up or don’t give 48 hours notice of the change, the session will be charged in full. In exceptional circumstances (i.e. serious medical emergency, close family bereavement or accident) I may not charge you if you fail to give 48 hours notice. 

Yes. I offer counselling via Vsee or via telephone.

Yes, it is confidential, but there are limits to it. What that means is that there are a very few occasions when I might need to talk to another trusted professional adult about what you tell me. If I felt you or someone else is at risk of being hurt, I have a duty of care to consult with other relevant professionals.

At the end of every session I will make brief notes. Their purpose is simply to help me remember the key points of our discussion for next time. All the information is unidentifiable as no names are mention in the notes.

The records are hand written and are stored in a locked cabinet which meets the security requirements of the GDPR

Records will be kept securely for a period of 60 months (this is a requirement by my insurer)  and will then be securely destroyed.

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